3 Pillars of Golf

There are 3 pillars of golf that you need to understand, learn and implicate to your golf game to reach your goals.




The first pillar is Mental/Psychology. It is the most important part of the journey because it sets a solid foundation and good mental program for success. This part take you back to when you started golf. Why did you start golf? Was it for fun? To excise? Did your spouse/family make you to learn? For business? To impress others? To compete in tournaments? What are your goals and plans to get there? Are you trying to break 100? 90? 80? 70? How long is it going to take? When you are on the golf course or practice range what are you thinking about? what is your purpose? Are you trying to hit the ball? are you trying to move a certain way with your arms?

The next pillar is Fitness. This part is interconnected with the Technique where you will learn about golf swings and skills. Everyone probably had experiences that they found very difficult to change your swing. Its not because your stupid, its because of the way your body is customized for other activities. We have adapted to a world where there is a lot of sitting and hands forward activities involved. It changes your posture to where it is less effective for golf activities where different parts of muscles are needed. As I go over the common techniques I will also educate about the muscles that needs to be used and relaxed.

This part is about technique. This is what 90% of the golfers focus with so much intensity. Your golf score is like the fruit of your tree but you need to understand that It took years of hard work before harvesting which is a small part. This part you need to detoxify your mental software so you understand that your driver swing has so less importance in this game of golf as a whole. I will go deep into golf swings that is aligned with the laws of golf, combined with your style and philosophy. The confusion will be completely gone and you will understand 100% what is going on with your golf swing.